Thursday, August 16, 2012


JAZZ HAS  launched the much awaited WiMAX dongle for thousands of users in Karachi who believe that INFINITY CLICKS.

So why tie your computer down to one place? Take the Internet along anywhere with new Mobilink Infinity WiMAX Dongle, with exceptionally seamless connectivity, a superior Internet experience is just a call away.

Salient Features:

    Maximum portability and mobility
    Plug and play
    No dependency on power
    No wires required

Package Name     Monthly Data Charges (PKR)
i-512K Basic     600
i-512K Optimum     1,100
i-1M Basic     800
i-1M Optimum     1,400

    Activation charges will be Rs. 3,999 for all packages
    Monthly Device Rental will be charged i.e. Rs. 100 per month for all packages.
    Additional Data will be charged at regular rate i.e. Rs. 30 per 100 MB.
    USB Dongle will remain the property of Mobilink.


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