Sunday, August 26, 2012


Q.2 (a) Explain the basis of forest classification in Pakistan and highlight significant features of
different forest types.
(b) Discuss various silivicultural practices for the management of these forests.
Q.3. Describe in detail the role of tree species in reclaiming saline soils. Explain different
dry afforestation techniques employed successfully in Thal desert of Pakistan.
Q.4. What are the major components of Agro-forestry systems? Discuss the role of important tree
species used successfully in agro-forestry programmes in Punjab, Sind & KPK.
Q.5. Describe in detail different Rangeland ecological zones of Pakistan. Explain different
constraints to rangeland development and outline improvement potential of desert rangelands
in terms of forage productivity through natural and artificial regeneration.
Q.6. Discuss the significance of watershed areas of Pakistan; explain how forest degradation
aggravate the ecological health of these watersheds? Discuss various measures needed to
rehabilitate the degraded watersheds in northern mountainous areas of the country.
Q.7. What are the direct and indirect causes of biodiversity loss in Pakistan? Discuss the role of
protected areas in biodiversity conservation. Explain how forest and rangeland habitat is
related to wildlife management and conservation?
Q.8. Write short notes on any FOUR of the following:
(i) Forests and climate change (ii) Shisham die back disease in Pakistan
(iii) Role of shelterbelts and windbreaks (iv) Trees and noise pollution
(v) Non timber forest products (vi) Wood seasoning and preservation
(vii) Causes and control of forest fires (viii) Rangeland carrying capacity
(4 x 5=20)


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