Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lecturer Computer Science Mcqs

(A) Identify TRUE and False statements.

1. Application program instructions are loaded in the main memory just before execution. (True/False)

2. ALU performs control task. (True/False)

3. Paging operation in operating system is performed to allot page numbers to different chunks of data to be processed. (True/False)

4. The Basic difference between WAN and LAN is speed of data communication and not the size of data. (True/False)

5. Inheritance and Polymorphism are two essential properties considered in Object-Oriented Programming. (True/False)

6. Tree structure will have more paths with the large size of same data. (True/False)

7. Object-oriented Methods use data and process (on the data) defined as a single entity. (True/False)

8. E-R model also defines the minimum and maximum values in each relationship of data entities. (True/False)

9. Structured models do not use data model. (True/False)

10. Scanning is a process to convert hard copy of the computer files. (True/False)

(B) Please choose the most appropriate answer from the given set of answers to fill the blanks.

11. During the program execution, temporary/intermediate values are stored in _____________.
a. Registers
b. Peripherals
c. LAN
d. None of these

12. The objects can be inherited by _____________.
a. A single object only
b. Multiple objects
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. Either (a) or (a)

13. The operating system may perform _____________ operation to manage the memory while running a large program.
a. Sorting
b. Scheduling
c. Paging
d. None of these

14. When the LAN is arranged in such a way that each computer is connected directly to the HUB the configuration can be termed as _____________ network.
a. Bus
b. Star
c. Ring
d. None of these

15. To communicate with other computers over a telephone line the computer must have _____________ installed.
a. Telephone set
b. Modem
c. LAN Card
d. None of these

16. When each item of data in a database is directly linked with every other item of data, the database is called _____________.
a. Relational
b. Hierarchical
c. Network
d. None of these

17. _____________ is the most efficient method to reduce the duplication of data.
a. Duplication
c. Normalisation
c. Empty fields
d. None of these

18. The _____________ operation changes the coordinate values of objects being displayed.
a. Transformation
b. Windowing
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. None of these

19. A linear sequential software development model is also referred to as ____________ .
a. Prototype Model
b. RAD Model
c. Spiral Model
d. None of these

20. State Transition Diagram gives information of ___________.
a. Data Flow
b. Entry Relationship
c. Control Flow
d. None of these

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