Thursday, February 2, 2012


(1) The seven powers meeting in Venice in June, 1987 agreed to:
(a) Condemn Iraq and Iran for failing to end the war
(b) Uphold freedom of navigation in the gulf
(c) Impose sanctions on the sale of military equipment to Iraq and Iran

(2) India's Operation Eagle was designed against

(a) Pakistan
(b) The Sikhs
(c) Sri Lanka

(3) Palestine Arabs live in the areas Israel occupied in
(a) 1958
(b) 1967
(c) 1973
(d) 1974

(4) The contemporary international system is
(a) A danger to peace
(b) Bi-polar
(c) Multi-polar

(5) The agreement to create the League of Arab States in October 1944 was signed by
(a) Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq
(b) Egypt, Trans-Jordan, Sudan and Lebanon
(c) Egypt, Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon

(6) The Tashkent agreement
(a) Condemned China
(b) Pledged plebiscite in Kashmir
(c) Ended the hostilities between India and Pakistan

(7) When States refer a case to the international Court of Arbitration, they
(a) Ask the judges to decide the case on merit
(b) Choose the judges of their own choice
(c) Reserve the right to make an appeal to the International Court of Justice

(8) The security Council of the United Nations
(a) shares power with the General Assembly
(b) Takes actions by unanimous consent
(c) Establishes subsidiary organs as it deems necessary to perform its functions

(9) The United States was a member of
(a) Warsaw Pact
(d) None of the above

(10) The Rio Pact provides
(a) the consultation of Foreign Ministries of Latin American countries
(b) consorted action against communist states
(c) the the collective settlement of Latin American disputes

(11) The Cuban Crisis of 1962 led to
(a) status quo in Latin America
(b) adjustments of relations between Cuba and the United States
(c) test Ban Treaty of 1963

(12) Write in order the names of five countries having rapid population growth
Ans. Zambia, Syria, Togo, Kenya, Uganda


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