Thursday, February 2, 2012


(i) When all access and processing is done in one location, a computer system is said to be
(a) networked
(b) distributed
(c) centralized
(d) linked

(ii) Tools to change PROM chips, called
(a) chip kits
(b) RAM burners
(c) PROM burners
(d) none of

(iii) The type of modulation that changes the height of the single is called (a) frequency
(b) phase
(c) amplitude
(d) prophase

(iv) A connection for similar network:
(a) satellite
(b) bridge
(c) gateway
(d) fax

(v) The technology whereby part of the program is stored on disk and is brought into memory for execution as needed is called
(a) memory allocation
(b) virtual storage
(c) interrupts
(d) prioritized memory

(C) Write '"True" or "False" in your answer book about the following statements:

(i) Application software may be either custom or packaged.
(ii) RISC technology uses more instructions than traditional computers.
(iii) A ring network has no central host computer.
(iv) Satellites use line-of-sight transmission.
(v) Time-sharing is both event-driven and time-driven.

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