Thursday, February 2, 2012


(A) Write only the correct answer’ in the Answer Book. Don’t reproduce the questions.

(1) Glorious Revolution happened in:

(a) 1865 (b) 1688 (c) 1699 (d) None of these

(2) George II was a:

(a) German (b) Bohemian (c) Austrian (d) None of these

(3) George III ascended the throne of England in:

(a) 1765 (b) 1770 (c) 1780 (d) None of these

(4) William of Orange was James II’s:

(a) Brother in law (b) Father in law
(c) Son in law (c) None of these

(5) Seven Years War was brought to a close in:

(a) 1756 (b) 1760 (c) 1763 (c) None of these

(6) Edmund Burke was born in:

(a) 1729 (b) 1739 (c) 1749 (c) None of these

(7) Who died in the year 1850?

(a) Sir Robert Peel (b) Pitt the Younger (c) Sir Robert Walpole (d) None of these

(8) The War of Spanish Succession ended in:

(a) 1713 (b) 1710 (c) 1708 (d) None of these

(9) The Hanoverian Dynasty lasted from:

(a) 1727 to 1760 (b) 1714 to 1820
(c) 1714 to 1901 (d) None of these

(10) After his defeat at Waterloo, Napoleon was exiled to:

(a) Vienna (b) London (c) Paris (d) None of these

(B) Fill in the blanks with correct answers:

(11) France accepted William as King of England by the _____ in 1697 AD.

(12) The Bill of Rights ended the _________

(13) A treatise "The Conduct of the Allies " was published by___________

(14) The Act of Settlement was passed in ________ AD.

(15) Walpole got education at ___________________ and ______________________ Universities.

(16) William Pitt became the War Minister in___________________AD and Resigned in ________ AD due to differences with George III.

(17) George III called himself the ________

(18) Lord Townshend was popularly known as _______

(19) Pitt the Younger was deeply affected by Adam Smith’s book_________

(20) The new police force organized by Sir Robert Peel became known as ________


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