Saturday, January 14, 2012

Simple Easy School Essays

7- My Hobby
                       Any thing we do in our spare time is called our hobby. Hobbies are of different kinds. Almost every person has his own hobby. Gardening, stamp collecting, music, movies and cycling are some hobbies. But my favourite hobby is book reading. I have a small library in my house. I have managed a separate room for this purpose. Library room is fully decorated and furnished. My library is consists of three hundred books. I have a big collection of books on every topic. Islamic History, Urdu and Science are my favourite subjects, so I have a big collection of books on these topics. I have bought all these books with my pocket money.       
Instead of wasting money in other activities, I buy books. I read them in my spare time. I keep them neat and clean. I also ask my friends to read these books. Some my friends come to my home daily to read books. Books provide us both knowledge and pleasure. Therefore I like my hobby very much. Book reading is far better than other hobbies. My younger brothers and sisters also help me in book collecting. I am proud of my hobby. I advise every body for such a good activity.  A Visit to a Historical Place/ A Picnic Party/ My Happiest Day/ 


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