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Saudi Arabia Country MCQs

khana kaba
Capital  Riyadh

Official languages     Arabic

Religion     Islam

Government     Unitary Islamic absolute monarchy

King     Salman bin Abdulaziz

Kingdom founded     23 September 1932

2,149,690 km2 or 870,000 sq miles

Population      30,770,375

Currency     Saudi riyal

North---Jordan and Iraq
Kuwait to the northeast
Qatar, Bahrain
United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman to the southeast, and Yemen in the south.

Major Exports:
Saudi Arabia is the world's dominant oil producer and exporter while it controls the world's second largest hydrocarbon reserves

Administrative Division:
Saudi Arabia is divided into 13 provinces and these provinces are further divided into 118 governorates
1     Al Jawf
2     Northern Borders   
3     Tabuk   
4     Ha'il   
5     Al Madinah   
6     Al Qasim   
7     Makkah   
8     Al Riyadh   
9     Eastern Province   
10     Al Bahah   
11     Asir   
12     Jizan   
13     Najran    


Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy.However, according to the Basic Law of Saudi Arabia adopted by royal decree in 1992, the king must comply with Sharia (Islamic law) and the Quran, while the Quran and the Sunnah (the traditions of Muhammad) are declared to be the country's constitution. No political parties or national elections are permitted


The king combines legislative, executive, and judicial functions and royal decrees form the basis of the country's legislation. The king is also the prime minister, and presides over the Council of Ministers (Majlis al-Wuzara), which comprises the first and second deputy prime ministers and other ministers.
The royal family dominates the political system.Saudi Arabia New King


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