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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


(11) Al-tarikhul-Kabir was written by:
(a) Amam Bukhari
(b) Amam Muslim

(c) Amam Malik

(12) Punishment of Rajim is for:

(a) Theft
(b) False accusation
(c) Adultery

(13) False charge of adultery is called:

(a) Rajim
(b) Lian
(c) Qazif

(14) Qisas means:

(a) Life for life
(b) Blood money
(c) To give pardon

(15) Who was known as Dar-ul-Higra:

(a) Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal
(b) Imam Yousaf
(c) Imam Malik

(16) Al-Ghazali belonged to:

(a) Hanbli school of law
(b) Shafi school of law
(c) Hanfi school of law

(17) The term Fiqa used in the literal sense means:

(a) Law

(b) Understanding
(c) People’s opinion

(18) Istihsan means:

(a) Preference of stronger evidence over analogy
(b) Preference over Ijtihad.
(c) Preference over Qiyas.

(19) Diyat means:

(a) Blood money
(b) Debt
(c) Common Liability

(20) Mubah means:

(a) Permissible
(b) Abominable
(c) Recommended

 11. Sale of money for money is called:
a. Bai
b. Wadi
c. Urban
d. Sarf
e. None of these

12. Al-qama and Aswad were the pupils of:

a. Ibn Abbas
b. Ibn Umar
c. Ibn Masud
d. Zaid
e. None of these

13. Abu Hanifa was born in the year:

a. AH 80
b. AH 100
c. AH 125
d. AH 132
e. None of these

14. Imam Muhammad and Imam Abu Yusaf were the disciples of:

a. Imam Ahmad Ibn Hambal
b. Imam Shafi
c. Imam Abu Hanifa
d. Hammad
e. None of these

15. Iddat in case of death of husband is:

a. 3 months 10 days
b. 4 months 20 days
c. 4 months 10 days
d. None of these

16. A woman is disqualified for the office of Qadi according to:

a. Hanifis
b. Malikis
c. Shafi’is
d. None of these

17. According to Imam Abu Hanifa a Qadi should not be allowed to hold office for more than:

a. Three years
b. Two years
c. One year
d. Five years
e. None of these

18. “Tafsir-i-Ahmadi” was written by:

a. Fakhrud-din-Razi
b. Mulla Ji’Wan
c. Baidawi
d. Ghazzali
e. None of these

19. ‘Fatawa Alamgiri’ was complied in the:

a. Tenth century of the Hijra
b. Fifteenth century of the Hijra
c. Eleventh century of the Hijra
d. None of these

20. Mutual imprecation is called:

a. Zihar
b. Mubarra
c. Li’an
d. Khula

11. A bequest to an heir to the extent of legal third without the consent of other heirs is:
a. Void
b. Valid
c. None of these

12. A bequest to a person who causes the death of testator intentionally is under Sunni Law:

a. Void Not sure
b. Valid
c. None of these

13. A bequest to a non-heir to the extent of one third without consent of other heirs is:

a. Void
b. Valid
c. None of these

14. A wakf means:

a. Dedication
b. Allotting
c. Abandonment
d. None of these

15. A gift to take effect in future is:

a. Void
b. Valid
c. None of these

16. Hiba-ba-Shart-ul-iwaz is a kind of:

a. Sale
b. Gift
c. Mortgage
d. None of these

17. Paternity of a child is established if child is born after dissolution within:

a. Three months
b. Three months and ten days
c. 280 days
d. None of these

18. Gift to an unborn person:

a. Valid
b. Void
c. Voidable
d. None of these

19. Who is the author of ‘Ahya-yl-Aloom’:

a. Maulana Shibili
b. Jamal-ud-Din Afghani
c. Amam Ghazali
d. None of these

20. Hirzanat means:

a. Control
b. Protection
c. Guardianship of person of minor
d. None of these

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