Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lecturer Botany Mcqs Past Papers

1) A group of major regional biotic communities occupying a climatic region of earth is known as:
a. Biotype
b. Biome
c. Biozone
d. Biosphere
e. None of these
2) Alleles separated during gamete formation are again brought together during:
a. Mutation
b. Pollination
c. Fertilization
d. Crossing over
e. None of these

3) How many ATP molecules are produced when one hexose is completely oxidized through aerobic pathway of respiration:
a. 28
b. 32
c. 36
d. 39
e. None of these

4) Which of the following enzyme break down H2O2:
a. Kinase
b. Fumarase
c. Catalase
d. Cellulase
e. None of these

5) Which one of the following is a plant growth regulator:
a. 2, 4-D
b. Nitrous Oxide
c. Sorbitol
d. None of these

6) Protein synthesis in plant cell takes place in:
a. Glyoxisomes
b. Peroxisomes
c. Ribosomes
d. All of these
e. None of these

7) Stage of first prophase of meiosis during which chromosomes are thin and attached at both ends to nuclear membrane is called:
a. Prophase
b. Telophase
c. diplotene
d. leptotene
e. None of these

8) Average thickness of nuclear membrane is:
a. 10 A
b. 100 A
c. 1000 A
d. 10000 A
e. None of these

9) The structure of DNA was given by:
a. Branton
b. Hatch and Slack
c. Bonet
d. Leininger
e. None of these

10) Seeds that require light or germination are said to be:
a. Photoblastic
b. Photodormant
c. Photozoic
d. Photophile
e. None of these

11) Which one of the following amino acids contain only two carbon atoms:
a. Glycine
b. Glutamate
c. Serine
d. Methionine
e. None of these

12) Biotic components of an Ecosystem include:
a. Producers
b. consumers
c. decomposers
d. all of these
e. None of these

13) Which one of the following is a fatty acid:
a. a-ketoglutarate
b. Lignin
c. Pectin
d. Linolenic
e. None of these

14) Temperate forest in Pakistan is found:
a. Along the Himalayas
b. Along Coastal areas of Sindh
c. Cholistan desert
d. On the bank of river Ravi
e. None of these

15) An enzyme-cofactor complex is:
a. Apoenzyme
b. Holoenzyme
c. Co.enzyme
d. Isoenzyme
e. None of these
16) Which of the following microorganism fix atmospheric nitrogen:
a. Rhizobium
b. Volvox
c. E.Colli
d. All of these
e. None of these

17) Non genetic RNA which brings in amino acids to site of protein synthesis:
a. r-RNA
b. m-RNA
c. t-RNA
d. hn RNA
e. None of these

18) Which of the following enzymes is not involved in respiration?:

a. Succinate dehydrogenase
b. Fumarase
c. Citrate synthase
d. Glycollate oxidase
e. None of these

19) Oxygen released by green plants comes from :
a. H2O
b. CO2
c. Glucose
d. Proteins
e. None of these

20) Zone of soil immediately surrounding root is :
a. Rhizosphere
b. Rhizome
c. Rhizomorph
d. Rhizozone
e. None of these


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