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Sentence Completions

1.Your credit cards however will be closed during the program so it will be -- -- -- you can get new loans.
  1. Similarly
  2. Likely
  3. Probably
  4. Unlikely
  5. Doubtful
Ans :D
2.Some drugs are -- -- -- to children, and such medicines should be kept locked up.
  1. Useful
  2. Harmful
  3. Helpful
  4. Valuable
  5. Profitable
Ans :B
3.The author wants to -- -- -- those machines have the -- -- -- attraction for the young and the old alike
  1. Show – Huge
  2. Explain – Big
  3. Prove – Great
  4. Establish – Vast
  5. Found – Immense
Ans :C

4.Money: Misappropriation
  1. Writing: Plagiarism
  2. Gold: Theft
  3. Confidence: Deception
  4. Germ: Diseases
Ans : A
5.Posthumous: Death
  1. Hasty: Post
  2. Natal: Birth
  3. Romantic: Love
  4. Prandial: Dinner
Ans : A
6.Earth: Planet
  1. May: Month
  2. Asia: Continent
  3. Sunday: Week
  4. Moon: Satellite
Ans : C

7.Reading Comprehension
Read the following comprehension and answer the following question.
A leading Indian manufacturer in a current article one ways to reinforce India’s economy has drained notice to the tribulations of price rises and industrial illness among other things. One of the major reasons for industrial illness in our country has been the truth that the business and manufacturing managers, have not been able to look further than the instantaneous future. They have been too anxious with their effort to report positive results for the recent year, higher income and larger payment to the share holders. The preparation horizon has barely over exceeded five years. Savings have been insufficient for new plants and towards diversification and development, transformation and benefit creation has badly lagged behind.
In business, development is required for endurance; one has to develop if one does not desire to be wiped out. This is mainly right today with liberalization of importation and increasing antagonism. Moreover, growth and higher competence create service and higher service creates better markets both for manufacturing and consumers goods. It was Henry ford who brought home the requirement for the formation of a better and a steadier middle class that is a better number of people who can have enough money more and more of goods and services. Even after forty years of sovereignty our manufacturers have not been able to shack the petty shopkeeper’s state of mind and our highly knowledgeable management has tagged along joyfully and without worry.
    1. According to the comprehension, development and rising production lead to
      1. Unequal superfluous of supplies
      2. Service and thus offer an opening to manufacturing and purchaser products
      3. Support to sell to other countries of surplus customer goods
      4. Obligation of constraint on importation
      5. None of the above
Ans : B
    1. Why did Henry Ford pressurize the requirements for a steadier middle class?
      1. Middle class people are generally service tilting
      2. People in that class can have enough money to buy more and more luxurious goods
      3. Middle class people are most wobbly
      4. Middle class people do not have shopkeeper state of mind
      5. None of the above
Ans : B
    1. The planning horizon has barely ever exceeded five years implies
      1. Planning should take care of all likely ups and downs in the next five-year time
      2. Planning must not be for a time of less than five years
      3. Five year period is too short for successful implementation of plans
      4. The planning procedure is very time consuming
      5. The planners are not prone to think of upcoming
Ans : C
    1. In order to develop the situation of Indian industries, the entrepreneur should do all of the following apart from
      1. Giving up the narrow state of mind which very small shopkeepers usually have
      2. Adopting policies for diversification and transformation
      3. Cheering antagonism from industrialists with in the country and from overseas
      4. Resorting to long term planning for industrial development and growth in varied fields
      5. Determined to make long term profits
Ans : E
    1. Which of the following shortcoming of Indian manufacturer has been pointed by the author of the comprehension?
      1. They are less worried for expense of payments to shareholders
      2. They spend irrational high sum on diversification and development
      3. They are unwilling to preserve the storekeeper state of mind
      4. They are more worried for instant net growth than for development activities
      5. None of the above
Ans : D
  1. disposed
  2. realistic
  3. elaborate
  4. compulsory
  5. impressive
Ans : C
  1. clean
  2. planned
  3. fully urbanized
  4. primitive
  5. exempt
Ans : D
  1. description for
  2. gather up
  3. affects to
  4. focus on
  5. take separately
Ans : B

Analytical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning

Analytical Reasoning
Question 11 to 15: In each of the following questions, five groups of letters have been given, out of which four are alike in some way and one is different. Choose the odd one out.
Question 15
(a) Reap
(b) Rare
(c) Tore
(d) Tear
(e) Pear
Answer: Tore
Clarification: All the other groups have the letters “E, A, R”

Logical Reasoning

· During the past year, Joseph saw more movies than Sandy
· Sandy saw fewer movies than David
· David saw more movies than Joseph
If the first two sentences are true, the third sentence is
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Uncertain
(d) None of the above
Answer: (c)
Clarification: Because the first two sentences are true, both Joseph and David saw more movies than Sandy. Though, it is uncertain as to whether David saw more movies than Joseph.

  1. Math (Quantitative)
    Quantitative Comparisons
    Standard Multiple-choice
    Data Interpretation
Column A: 452 + 252
Column B: (45 + 25) 2
  1. The quantity in column 1 is greater
  2. The quantity in column 2 is greater
  3. The two quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given below
Ans : b

·  Column A: 37 * 43
Column B: 30 * 53
  1. The quantity in column 1 is greater
  2. The quantity in column 2 is greater
  3. The two quantities are equal
  4. The relationship cannot be determined from the information given below
Ans : a

·  What part of the cost of project is not obtained for Mitsubishi after 15 months of sales of the Lancer?
  1. 50%
  2. 42%
  3. 32%
  4. 29%
  5. None of the above
Answer : E
·  Kinetic small car will be able to cover what percent of the cost of project after a complete year?
  1. 13.33%
  2. 28.50%
  3. 12.52%
  4. 9.6%
  5. None of the above
Answer : A


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