Saturday, January 14, 2012

English Essays for 10th Class

6-My School

                      I read in a Govt.High School. It is situated near my village. It has a beautiful and grand building. There is a beautiful small park in front of the building. It has a large boundary wall with two main gates. It has thirty rooms. All the rooms are airy and decorated with pictures and charts. There is a big hall in our school for examinations and debates. There is one room for headmaster office and one for clerk. There is also a staff room for staff. It has also a big science laboratory. Our school computer lab is very good. 

School library has a large and fine collection of books on every topic. There are two large playgrounds for games. Most of the students take part in the games.   All the teachers of the school are highly educated. All the teachers are kind and hardworking. All the students respect their teachers very much. Our headmaster is an able and hardworking man. He works day and night for the development of the school. My school shows good results every year. I am proud of my school. It is my second home place. I like it very much.My Hobby


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