Saturday, January 14, 2012

English Essays According to Punjab Boards

11- A Visit to a Historical Place/ A Picnic Party/ My Happiest Day/

                                  Last Sunday the weather was very fine and charming. I am very fond of to visit historical places. My family decided to go to Jahangir’s Tomb. The tomb of Jahangir is situated at Shahdara Lahore. We reached there by car. We were very happy. We entered the tomb from the main gate. The building of the tomb is very grand and beautiful. The walls had coloured designs. There was a big garden in front of the building. Tall and shady trees stood here and there. There were eight fountains standing in a square round the table.

The four marble minarets with their small domes looked very beautiful. There was a gate in each of the four walls. The flour was made of marble tiles of many colours. It was wonderful piece of work. It was a very beautiful place. We sat down to eat some fruits and sweets. We enjoyed very much. It was a happiest day of my life. I can not forget this day. Then we returned to home before evening.    Allama Iqbal


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