Sunday, January 29, 2012

Botany Mcqs

1) Plant attached to another plant, not growing parasitically upon it but only using it for support is called:
a. Epiphyte
b. Epiblast
c. Epicotyle
d. Epigemic
e. None of these
2) Production of morphologically different leaves on the same plant is known as:
a. Heteromorphy
b. Heterospory
c. Heterophylly
d. Heteroecious
e. None of these

3) Study of fossil plant is called:
a. Paleozoic
b. Paleogeny
c. Palentology
d. Paleospory
e. None of these

4) In which group of plants, stomata open at night:
a. C3 Plants
b. Hydrophytes
c. Mesophytes
d. CAM Plants
e. None of these

5) Wall of an ovary after it has matured into fruit is called:
a. Peribellem
b. Pericarp
c. Pericardium
d. Perisome
e. None of these

6) Filament of alga spirogyra shows:
a. True branching
b. False branching
c. Dichotomous branching
d. No branching
e. None of these

7) Plants that do not produce seeds and have vascular tissues are called:
a. Cryptogams
b. Vascular cryptogams
c. Phanerogams
d. Atracheats
e. None of these

8) Rice belongs to family:
a. Asteraceae
b. Malvaceae
c. Poaceae
d. Solonaeae
e. None of these

9) Which of the following microorganism is most widely used in genetic engineering:
a. E.coli
b. Amoeba
c. Chlorella
d. Spyrogyra
e. None of these

10) Mycoplasms are tiny microorganisms which are bounded by:
a. Cellulose cell wall
b. Pellicle
c. Pectin coat
d. Protein coat
e. None of these

11) A stele in which large overlapping leaf gaps dissect the vascular system into strands, each with the phloem surrounding the xylem is:
a. Dictyostele
b. Protostele
c. Siphonostele
d. Solenostele
e. None of these

12) What is the shape of helical viruses?
a. Rod shae
b. Spherical
c. Oval
d. Elliptical
e. None of these

13) Lichens which grow on leaves of other plants are known as:
a. Terricolous
b. Sexicolous
c. Folicolous
d. Corticoous
e. None of these

14) In which of the following, edible product is obtained from the rhizome?
a. Sugar beet
b. Ginger
c. Onion
d. Potato
e. None of these

15) Gametophyte of fern is called:
a. Protocorn
b. Prothallus
c. Thallus
d. Notothallus
e. None of these

16) Colourless plastids found in cells of plant tissue are called:
a. Chromplasts
b. Leucocytes
c. Leucoplasts
d. Lycoplasts
e. None of these

17) Stalk of an individual flower of an inflorescence is called:
a. Pedicarp
b. Peduncle
c. Pericardium
d. peristome
e. None of these

18) Fruit of grasses in which pericarp is united with testa is called:

a. Caryopsis
b. Carpus
c. Clestocarp
d. Carancle
e. None of these

19) Who proposed the natural system of classification?
a. Benthem & Hooker
b. Darwin
c. Lamarck
d. Oswald Tippo
e. None of these

20) Which of the following fungus is edible?
a. Pythium
b. Penicillium
c. Phyllactinia
d. Albugo
e. None of these

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