Wednesday, January 25, 2012

BA Political Science MCQs

i. Tahafut al-falsifa (Incoherence of Philosophers) is written by:

c. Al-Ghazali

ii. A legal proceeding during which an individual's right to hold an office or governmental privilege is challenged is called:

b. Writ of quo warranto

iii. Ibn Khaldun wrote his book, "Muqaddimah" in:

b. 1377

iv. People's structural and religious identities will be primary source of conflict in the Post Cold War World:
b. Brzezinski
c. Kissinger
d. None of these

v. Alexander of Macedonia was student of:

c. Aristotle

vi. Ibn Khaldun was contemporary of:
a. Socrates
b. Plato
c. Aristotle
d. None of these

vii. A form of closure under which a bill is divided into compartments, groups of which must be completely deal with each day is called:

b. Guillotine closure

viii. Ilm Al Iqtisad was treatise written by:

a. Allama Iqbal

ix. The Long March began the ascent of power of:

a. Mao Zedong

x. Al Farabi was author of:

c. Al Madinat Al Fadilah

xi. The powers of the center vis a vis federating units were increased through:
c. Doctrine of Implied Powers

xii. In
Pakistan the doctrine of necessity was invoked by:
b. Justine Munir

xiii. Article 58 2 (b) was invoked to dissolve National Assembly of Pakistan:
a. Four Times

xiv. Leviathan is book written by:
c. Hobbes

xv. Prestroika means:

b. Restructuring

xvi. The Art of War is written by:
b. Machiavelli

xvii. A necessary normal code for conducting the business of the state is called:
c. Constitution

xviii. "Power tends to corruption and absolute power corrupts absolutely" is the famous quotation by:
c. Lord Acton

xix. As per Marx in he stage of communism the governing principle will be:

c. From each according to his ability to each according to his needs

xx. A ________ is a type of sovereign state characterized by a union of partially self-governing states or regions united by a Central government.

b. Federation

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