Saturday, January 14, 2012

9th 10th Class Important Pair of Words Guess

 Important Pairs of Words

Accept- I accept your proposal. Except-All were present except Ali.
Access-I have no access to him. Excess-Excess of every thing is bad.
Advice- He gave me a piece of advice. Advise-I advise you to work hard.
Altar- A goat was brought to the altar. Alter- I cannot alter my decision
Angel- I saw an angel last night. Angle- A triangle has three angles.
Bale- He bought two bales of cotton. Bail-He was released on bail.
Bare- He went out bare footed. Bear- I saw a bear in the forest.
Berth- The berth of the car is comfortable. Birth- What is your date of birth?
Break- Do not break this cup. Brake- The brake of my car is out of work.
Cattle- The cattle are grazing in the field. Kettle- Please put the kettle on the fire.
Cell- He was thrown in a cell. Sell- He sells books.
Course- our English course is difficult. Coarse- Do not wear coarse clothes.
Dear- He is dear to me. Deer- I saw a deer in the zoo.
Diary- Where is your diary book? Dairy- He is the owner of a dairy farm.
Dew- Dew drops look like pearls. Due- I cannot come to school due to fever.
Die- He died of fever. Dye- Please dye my coat.
Dose- Give me a dose of medicine. Doze- He was dozing in the class.
Dual- This is a dual plastic sheet. Duel-They fought a duel.
Fare- What is railway fare from here to Lahore? Fair- He went to a fair.
Feet- I have two feet. Feat- We saw many feats in the fair.
Flour- He is the owner of a flour mill. Floor- Do not spite on the floor.
Idol- He is idol worshipper. Idle- He is idle and lazy.
Later- I will come later. Letter- He writes a letter.
Lion- I saw a lion. Loin- He has a thin loin.
Liar- He is a liar boy. Lawyer- My father is a lawyer.
Male- We have no male member. Mail- Please send him this letter by mail.
Marry- She married a doctor. Merry- They are making merry.
Meat- We eat meat. Meet- I will meet you soon.
Piece- Give me a piece of meat. Peace- We should live with peace.
Pray- We should pray to God. Prey- The hawk is a bird of prey.
Pore- There are many pores in our body. Pour- Pour some water in this jug.
Principal- our principal is an honest man. Principle- He is a man of principles.
Profit- Profit and lose go side by side. Prophet- Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) is our prophet.
Quiet- Please keep quiet. Quite- I am quite well.
Rain- It is raining. Reign- Reign of Akbar was good.
Right- Tick the right answers. Write- He writes a letter.
Root- This tree has long roots. Route- This is a short route to the school.
Sail- The ship sails in the sea. Sale- This house is for sale.
Story- It is an interesting story. Storey- This building has one storey.
Tale- This is an Interesting tale. Tail- Dog has a long tail.
Teem- This forest teems with birds. Team- Our team won the match.
Waste- Do not waste your time. Waist- He has a thin waist.
Way- This is a short way to the school. Weigh- He weighs 500 pounds.
Weak- He is very weak and thin. Week- I will come next week.Prepositions 


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