Thursday, December 8, 2011

Matiari District

Matiari District  is located in Sindh, Pakistan, the city of Matiari is the capital. The district is administratively subdivided into three talukhas:
  • Hala
  • Matiari
  • Saeedabad
The district was created in 2005 out of Hyderabad District History DISTRICT BOUNDARIES NORTH = District Nawabshah SOUTH = Hyderabad EAST = Sanghar & Tando Allahyar WEST = Jamshoro with River Indus in between. AREA 1417 Sq: Kilometer (One thousand four hundred seventeen Square kilometers) POPULATION 5,25,082 (Five lacs twenty five thousand eighty two) HANDICRAFTS Kashi “Traditional tiles”, Jundi “A type of furniture”, Ajrak “Traditional Sindhi Chadar” & Sindhi Cap are made in Hala and Matiari and also exported to the major cities and foreign countries. Due to handicrafts Matiari District is known as cultural capital of Sindh. HISTORICAL PLACES 1. Dargah of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai R.A , Bhitshah. 2. Dargah of Makhdoom Nooh R.A , Hala. 3. A historical city of Khuda Abad. 4. Dargah of Sakhi Hashim Shah, Matiari. 5. Dargah of Syed Muhammad Shah Jeelani, Matiari. 6. Hala Haveli (Birth place of Shah Abdul latif Bhitai R.A).


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