Thursday, December 8, 2011



In 1841 A.D. a treaty was signed between the Talpur rulers of Sindh and The East India Company.
John Jacob was sent to Khan Garh, in accordance with the treaty. He arrived here with Sindh irregular horse columns. He stopped just in front of Gate of Kote Khan Garh. He was permitted movement only within the territories of Mir rulers of Sindh. The demarcations of it in this part were such that in the East existed an independent Baluchi State of Burdica, while in its North existed another sovereign state Qalat. John Jacob established cantonment within the narrow belt belonging to Mirs.
The first and the most remarkable thing, John Jacob did: was the restoration of peace. This was not possible without properly chastising the out laws. He dealt with the situation with such a high hand rate that soon –after his arrival, the plunderers were scared off and brought under control. When the peace was restored it was followed by reclamations and development; Land growers started coming back to cultivate their lands. Business man and artisans also followed them. Soon after the hustles and bustles of life were felt establishing in the locality. Especially when the security was assured, Bazaars started flourishing. So on it became a trade Centre, where there had been a desert before. The grain market and cattle markets also started functioning in the newly established town.
The Lands of Jacobabad is very fertile and productive. These require no gaps like the lands of other parts of country, which require rest of two years after cultivation for one year. Aided by the regular water supply promised by the canal irrigation system, the lands of the area started growing Gelds and riches the peace was restored by the Sindh Horse Units.
In 1857 Dil Murad Khoso and Darya Khan Jakhrani were awarded Kala Pani due to their involvement in the freedom movement. Dil Murad second, the grand son of Dil murad 1st was chairman Jacobabad Municipality. In 1938, He was involved in the murder case of Six Hindus; He employed Sir Shafi Bar-at-law of Lahore as advocate.


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