Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Historical Places in Sindh

Sindh is a Place which is also called Bab-ul-Islam as islam spread in subcontinent from door of Sindh. Our Province sindh has a large of attracted places for tourists from which some are mentioned below. Please explore your favorite location
·  Moen Jodero         
·  Kot Digi                      
·  Daraz Sharif                     
·  Manchar Lake
·  Sehwan Sharif         
·  Bhit Shah                   
·  Hala                                     
·  Mir-shahdad-jo-qubo
·  Hyderabad                
·  KirtharPark               
·  Makli-hill                            
·  Keenjhar-lake 
·  Thatta                       
·  Chaukundi-tombs     
·  Bhambore                          
·  Rani Kot 
·  Gorakh hill 

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