Friday, December 9, 2011

District Kashmore profile

The District Kashmore was created on 13-12-2004. It was carved out of Jacobabad District. It has three Talukas namely Kandhkot, Kashmore & Tangwani. Kashmore is located at tri-junction point connecting three Provinces and gateway to Punjab and Balochistan Provinces. Because of its distinguished geographical location and cross-road connecting borders with 3 provinces Kashmore has a unique identity. Kashmore has always been a hub of trade for its agricultural products.

East: District Rajanpur (Punjab).
West: District Jacobabad & Shikarpur.
North: District Dera Bugti (Balochistan).
South: District Ghotki & Sukkur

  • District Headquarter Kandhkot
  • Union Councils 37
  • Geographical Area
    6,40,458-39 acres
  • Total Population
    6,62,462 souls
  • Major Canals Begari Sindh Feeder, Shah Wah & Pat Feeder


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