Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sherani District

Sherani District was the second biggest tehsil of Zhob District until 2005. In 2006, It was officially graded as district with the name of "Sherani" (Sherani is the name of the largest tribe of the area). The main language of the district is pashto. Its borders are attached to District Zhob, Dera Ismail Khan and District Musa khel. The centre of the district is named as "Stano Raaghah". There are high mountains full of precious trees like "chalghoza" (a kind of dry fruit). Most of the people living nearer to the mountains pluck the fruit from these trees in a special season and then the poor people of the area sell it to get money to fulfill their household necessities. As with the villagers of the other areas of Pakistan, the main profession of the peoples of Sherani district is to work in their wheat farms. Due to the shortage of water in the area, the soil is not very fertile except in some areas, so most can not get enough income from their farms. Therefore, a large number of the people of the Sherani tribe have gone to UAE for work purposes.

There is a tribal system in the district. The main tribe of Sherai district is named as Sherani (Marani). And another tribe of the district is named Harifal. The Sherani tribe living in Sherani district is divided into two main branches, the Hasan Khel and The Oba Khel, and one small branch, the Kapip. Hasan Khel is further divided into Karmanzai, Muhammad Zai, Haizai, Ranaizai, etc. Muhammad Zai is the biggest clan with respect to population.
The peoples of Sherani tribe have long historical background. They fought against the British army for a long time. Masho Khan Sherani was the leader of these Sherani warriors. He was killed during fighting against British army in the famous area of Zhob District called "Silyazi". tribe Harifal is divided in three main branches one of them is Hasan Khel seconed is Naqeeb khail thred is Ibrahim Khail


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