Wednesday, November 16, 2011



The Peshawar Museum has one of the best collections of Gandhara Art in Pakistan, all well arranged and labelled. Sculptures illustrating the life of Buddha are laid out in chronological order. The fasting Buddha here is even more haunting than the one in Lahore Museum. There is also an ethnological section, the Hall of Tribes, With wooden carvings form the Kalash people in Chitral and a Muslim Gallery.

The current collection has almost 14,000 items based on Gandhara, Greco-Buddhist, Kushan, Parthian, and Indo-Scythian life. Examples include art, sculptures, coins, manuscripts, statues, ancient books, early versions of the Holy Quran, weapons, dresses, jewelry, Kalash effigies, inscriptions, paintings of the Mughal and later periods, household materials and pottery, as well as local and Persian handicrafts.


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