Friday, November 25, 2011

MY PMS Interview

  • I was the first one and entered the room...there were 5 people...including the chairman, 2 members and 2 other men that i dont know....

    Chairman asked me questions about
  • the US war on terror
  • Pakistan contribution in war on terror
  • the recent memo gate conspiracy
  • Osama bin laden operation
  • PMS structure...the secretariat group and field or whatever that is....

    The second member asked me about
  • nehru report and reaction of quaid e azam,
  • he told me to write the spelling of appetite and consonance
  • the third one asked me about the difference between FATA and FR
  • Print advertisement and Electronic advertisement....

    Fourth one asked about
  • The Great Game
  • fifth one asked me about Financial Management as i had done MBA finance.....

    It was 15 to 20min interview.....for me it was strange but lets see what happens....cant say anything about the satisfaction level....


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