Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Manchar Lake

Manchar Lake
About 16 km from Sehwan, Manchar, the largest fresh water lake in Asia,is as old as the Indus River.Spread over 254 km², it is a perfect spot for relaxing and the best locationfor duck-shooting during winter.

The lake was created in the 1930s when the Sukkur Barrage was constructed on the river Indus. The lake is fed by two canals, the Aral and the Danister from the river Indus. Until recently the lake supported thousands of fisherfolk, near village Kot Lashari Bobak railway station,who depended on the freshwater fish they caught in the lake. However, the lake is now undergoing environmental degradation resulting in the water becoming saline and killing off the fish and forcing the fisherfolk to look elsewhere for employment.


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