Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Located at 81 km from Islamabad on Hasan Abdal-Abbottabad road, Haripur was founded in 1822 by Hari Singh, a general of Ranjit Singh's army. He was the Governor of Hazara in 1822-23. A fort built by the Sikhs called Harikishan Garh is at present being used as a police station. There is also a British cemetery.

Important Personalities
Khan Sahib Abdul Majid Khan Tarin OBE, of Talokar, one of the earliest Muslim League leaders in Hazara.
Khan Sahib HE Abdus Salim Khan, senior Pakistani diplomat and ambassador.
Field Marshal Ayub Khan military dictator and ( President of Pakistan), who was from the village Rehana, a few miles from Haripur. His son Gohar Ayub Khan is prominent figures in Pakistani politics.
Air Marshal(R) Anwar Shamim. He also belonged to Haripur.
Raja Sikander Zaman Khan was born in Khanpur town. He remained Chief Minister of NWFP, and Federal Minister for Water and Power besides other offices he held during his political career.


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