Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gorakh Hill

Gorakh Hill
The Gorakh Hill is Highest Hill Point In Sindh among the Kerthar Mountain RangeGorkah Hill Is located in North-west of District Dadu along with BalochistanBorder. Gorakh Hill is under Develop Project. You reach Gorkah Hill Top fromDadu City with 4x4 Vehicles which are available from Dadu and Johi Gorakh Hill Top is   93Km   From Dadu City, at the milestoneof 17Km you reach the small city of Johi which is the  Taluka ofDistrict  Dadu,  and Starting Point Of kacho Area and the milestoneof 41Km you reach the  last small town Before Gorakh Hill Wahi pandi whichis the settled in the lap of Kerthar Mountain Range. After Wahi Pandi the Roadis Towered Slowly at the milestone of 53Km you are Enter in Yaroo Pass (YarooSain Jo Luck) after Crossing Yaroo Pass2500ft Above See Laval and the journeycontinue in Mountains and at the milestone  of 76Km  you  reach the Base  camp  of another Highest Pass of Kerthar MountainRange it is Khanwal Pass the base camp is on elevation of 3000ft and the Top ofKhanwal pass on the Elevation of 5000ft Above See Level.

The Distance Between
Khanwal PassBase Camp To Khanwal PassTop Is 4Km. The 4Km Journey is too  zigzag. After reach the Top of KhanwalPass Drive continue to Gorakh Hill Top which is the 13Km. At the Top Of GorakhHill you can stay in Rest House or Camping at top Because the Gorakh Hill IsUnder Development  Sindh  Govt. have some project Like Hotel,Restaurants, and a chair lift at Top.


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