Sunday, November 13, 2011

District bolan

Bolan Well known as Kachhi is in thecentre of Balochistan province of Pakistan. TheBolan area remained under one district Kachhi until 31 December 1991. The DeputyCommissioner’s office started functioning on 17 May 1992, Bolan became one of the four districts of Naseerabad Division - until the abolition ofDivisions in 2000.
The Kachhi Plains are the home of MehrgarhCivilization. one of the most important Neolithic(7000 BCto c. 2500 BC) sites in archaeology,lies on what is now the "Kachi plain" of today's Balochistan, Pakistan. It isone of the earliest sites with evidence of farming (wheat and barley) andherding (cattle, sheep and goats) in South Asia.".
Until the end of the 15th century the district had been a dependency of Sindh Around 1500 it was taken by Shah Beg of the ArghunDynasty from Samma Dynasty of SultanOf Sindh and so came under the control of Kandahar.Soonthe territory was conquered by the Kalhoras Amirs ofSindh they were displaced by the Nadir Shahof Persia andmade it the part of Kalat Khanate in 1740 Kachhi was notifiedas a district on February 1965. At that time Naseerabad,Jhal Magsiand Jafarabaddistricts were included, these were separated in 1987.
The district is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils:
  • Bhag
  • Dhadar
  • Machh
  • Sani
  • Khattan


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