Wednesday, November 16, 2011



Chitral is the "Jewel of the Hindukush" guarded by the majestic Trichmir Peak. The famous town of Chitral is situated about 322 km from Peshawar. It is also connected to Peshawar by air. The whole area is mountainous, having green valleys and the towering Trichmir Peak (7700 meters) of the Hindukush. The Chitral Fort is one of the famous monuments of the town. There is also a palace inside the fort and a beautiful mosque outside the fort. All the foreign visitors to Chitral must register with the police on their arrival. Chitral is about 322KM (10 hours jeepable journey) from Peshawar. Daily two flights are available from Peshawar to Chitral.

The City has an average elevation of 1,500 m (4,921 ft). The easiest access to Chitral, other than by air, is from the southwest along the Kunar Valley. However the Afghan-Pakistan border (Durand Line) and cross border tensions prevent this from being used as an internal route to the rest of Pakistan. There are other routes are over high mountain passes; to the south, the 3,200-metre (10,500 ft) Lowari Pass leads 365 kilometres (227 mi) to Peshawar. In the north, the easiest route during summer runs over the 3,798-metre (12,461 ft) Broghol pass. To the east, there is a 405 kilometres (252 mi) route to Gilgit over the 3,719-metre (12,201 ft) Shandur Pass. The territory is cut off by snow from the rest of the country for up to six months a year, a problem soon to be relieved by the completion of the Lowari Tunnel.


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