Tuesday, November 15, 2011

AJK Government System

The State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir has a parliamentary form of Government. The President is the constitutional head of the State, while the Prime Minister, supported by a Council of Ministers, is the Chief Executive. The democratic setup was introduced in 1970 under the presidential system on the basis of adult franchise. For the first time the people of AJ&K and the refugees of Jammu and Kashmir settled in Pakistan elected the Legislative Assembly as well as President for Azad Jammu and Kashmir on the basis of adult franchise. In 1975, for the first time in the history of AJ&K, parliamentary system was introduced and Prime Minister, as the Chief Executive of the State, was elected by the majority of the votes of the Legislative Assembly.

Legislative Assembly comprises of 49 members out of which 41 are directly elected and 8 are indirectly elected. This Assembly comprises of 49 members and the distribution of seats is as under:

Azad Jammu & Kashmir29
Refugees settled in Pakistan12
Ulama and Mashaikh01
Overseas Kashmiris01
The State has its own Supreme Court and a High Court.The Ministry of Kashmir affairs and Gilgit Baltistan affairs serves as a link between the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Since The State inherited a backward and underdeveloped economy, the major objective of the Pakistani Government has been to promote its economic development and provide it with grants-in-aid for the purpose, and also to cover the deficits in its revenue budget.


Chaudhry  Abdul Majid , elected as Leader of House Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir on 26th July 2011.

Father’s Name:Ch. Lal Khan
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Islam
Education: B.A L.L.B
Party Affiliation: President Pakistan Peoples  Party


Elected  Sixth time as Member Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and he has served as  Minister  for revenue & agriculture Azad Govt. of state of Jammu and kashmir. Served as Speaker Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir from 1998 to 2001,Opposition leader from 4th Feburary 2011 to 26th July 2011.


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