Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Geography Mcqs Solved

1) METAMORPHIC rock in which the minerals are lined up parallel to each other is referred as:
a) Foliated
b) Lithified
c) Clastic
d) None of these

2) The equatorial westerlies spread across south-east Asia from?
a) Pacific ocean
b) Indian ocean
c) Atlantic ocean
d) None of these

3) The continental anticyclone of Siberia and northern Canada originate:
a) Warm air mass
b) Occluded air mass
c) Cold air mass
d) None of these

4) Study which relates to evolution of land forms is called:
a) Mycorrlizel
b) Ecology
c) Geomorphology
d) None of these

5) Rainfall caused by air rising up the slopes of mountains is termed as:
a) Conventional
b) Orographic
c) Conductional
d) None of these

6) The receding of falling tide, i.e. after high tide and before low tide is known as:
a) Ebb
b) Neap
c) Spring
d) None of these

7) Uvalva , dolines and poije are associated with:
a) Scree region
b) Hummoky region
c) Karst region
d) None of these

8) Mediterranean climate region lies between:
a) 35-45 degree N & S Lat.
b) 40-50 degree N & S Lat.
c) 50-60 degree N & S Lat.
d) None of these

9) When the source of light is in the Centre of the globe then it is referred to:
a) Zenithal sereographic projection
b) Zenithal orthographic projection
c) Zenithal gnomic projection
d) None of these

10) “Statistics” for geographers is authored by:
a) P. Hagget
b) S. Gregory
c) F. Scholz
d) None of these

11) Meandering is derived from a river Meander of:
a) Poland
b) Turkey
c) France
d) None of these

12) Which of the following is not a low cloud:
a) Cumulo-nimbus
b) Cirrostratus
c) Stratus
d) None of these

13) Jet streams are common in :
a) Plateaus
b) Atmosphere
c) Oceans
d) None of these

14) Which of the following is not affecting the visibility:
a) Dew
b) Fog
c) Haze
d) None of these

15) The oldest map showing location of river is Euphrates is a clay tablet dating back:
a) 288 BC
b) 388 BC
c) 488 BC
d) None of these

16) Humboldt current is washing coastline of:
a) Argentine & Uruguay
b) Angola & Namibia
c) Chile & Peru
d) None of these

17) Depth of sea and ocean is reckoned by:
a) Meters
b) Fathoms
c) Feet
d) None of these

18) Isohyet is a line passing the places having equal:
a) Height above the sea level
b) Sunshine
c) Rainfall
d) None of these

19) Scale graticule and purpose are indicatives of:
a) Gradient
b) Map
c) Earth quake
d) None of these

20) Which of the following represents seasonal winds:
a) Trades
b) Westerlies
c) Monsoon
d) None of these


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