Thursday, September 1, 2011

Motor Vehicles Taxes

Motor Vehicle Tax is levied on every motor vehicle registered in any district with Registration Fee.

The annual Motor Vehicle Tax is levied under Sindh Motor Vehicle Taxation Act,1958 and 
Motor Vehicle Rules, 1959.

The registration of vehicles and collection of taxes are being effected through computerized 
system and authorized online National Bank  branches linked with main server at Civic
Centre Karachi.

The Computer System of Civic Centre Karachi is also linked with the regional Directorates,    Excise and Taxation at Hyderabad/Sukkur/Larkana/Mirpurkhas.

Every vehicle whether commercial or private is registered, is issued registration number, 
registration book and number plate.


    New Registration fee   
    Rates of Transfer fee
    Rates of Token Tax Motor Car
    Rates of other Post Transactions
    Rates of Security Featured Items
    Rates of Withholding Tax - (One Time at Registration on Local Cars)
    Rates of Motor Tax on Commercial Vehicles
    Rates of Income Tax
    Rebate in Token Tax

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