Thursday, September 1, 2011

Exemption in property tax

  • The Property not capable of commanding annual rent exceeding Rs. 4320/-
  • A single house not commanding annual rent exceeding Rs. 6480/- if occupied by the owner for his residence.
  • The buildings owned by widows, minor orphan and/or disabled person tax liability of which is up to Rs.12150/- per annum are exempted.
  • One residential house up to one Kanal owned and occupied by a Federal or Provincial Retired Government servant is exempted.
  • Those buildings owned by Government or a Local Authority such as a Corporation, Municipality or town committee.
  • Mosques and other religious buildings.
  • Buildings and Lands used as public parks and playgrounds, schools, boarding, houses, hostels, libraries, and hospitals.
  • Properties, the rents of which are devoted exclusively to religious or prescribed public charitable institutions.

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