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Tauheed means belief in the unity of God. The starting point of Islam is this belief in the unity of God. Tauheed is a revolutionary concept and constitutes the essence of the teachings of Islam. It means that there is only one Supreme God of the Universe. He is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and the Sustainer of the world and mankind.

Significance Of Tauheed:

The Holy Quran has laid greatest stress on the doctrine of unity of God. The first and foremost principle of Islam is the belief in unity of Allah. Unless a man believes in unit of God, he cannot be a Muslim.

Allah said;
“O’ Mankind! Worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, so that you may ward off evil. Who has appointed the earth a resting place for you, the sky a canopy, and who causes water to pour down from the heavens, thereby producing fruits as food for you? So, do not set up rivals to Allah, when you know better.”

(Al-Baqara: 21-22)

There are a number of verses in the Quran which clearly explain the oneness of God. In Surah Baqara, book says;

“And your God is one; There is no other God. He is the most merciful and Benevolence.”

(Al-Baqara: 163)

This is the basic tenet to which Muhammad (PBUH) asked to adhere. The Doctrine Of divine Unity is a standing protest against polytheism, dualism, atheism and idolatry. And it generally means that Allah is one and Eternal; there is no other God but Allah who is the Supreme Being, Creator and Lord of all. He alone is to be worshiped and From Him lone help and mercy are to be sought.

The unity of Allah implies that Allah is one in His person, One in His attributes, and One in His work. His Oneness in His person means that there is neither plurality of God, nor plurality of persons in the Godhood; His Oneness in His attributes implies that no other being possess one or more Divine attributes in perfection; His Oneness in His work implies that no one can do what God has done or can do. The Doctrine of Unity of Allah has beautifully been summed in the small verse of the Holy Quran in the following manner.

‘Say thou, “He: Allah is one: Allah is He on whom all depend, He begets not nor is He begotten; and none is like Him.”
(Al-Ikhlas: 1-4)

Effects Of Tauheed:

i) Width Of Vision:

A believer of this Kalima (La illah ill Allah) can never be narrow-minded. He believes in Allah who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Master of the East and the West, the Sustainer of the entire universe. After this belief he does not regard anything in this universe as stronger to himself. He knows that everything belongs to God whom he himself belong. So, his vision is enlarged, his intellect horizon widens and, his outlook become liberal.

ii) Self-respect:

This belief produces in man the highest degree of self-respect and self-esteem. The believer knows, that Allah alone is the possessor of all power, or harm a person, or provide for his needs, or give and take away life. This belief make him indifferent to, and independent of all power other than those of Allah. He never bows his head in homage to any of Allah’s creatures nor did he stretch his hands before anyone else except Allah.

iii) Modesty And Humbleness:

Along with self-respect this belief also generates in man a sense of modesty and humbleness. It makes him uncontentious and unpretending. A believer never becomes proud, haughty or arrogant. The boisterous pride of power, wealth and worth can have no room in the heart, because he knows that whatever he possesses has been given by Allah and Allah can take away just as He can give.

iv) Virtuous And Upright:

This belief makes man virtuous and upright. He has the conviction that there is no other means of success and salvation for him except purity of soul and righteousness of behaviour. This belief creates in man the consciousness that unless he lives rightly and acts justly he cannot success.

v) Satisfaction Of Heart:

The believer does not become despondent and broken hearted under any circumstances. He has a firm faith in God who is the Master of all the treasures of the earth and the heavens, whose grace and bounty have no limit, power are infinite. This faith imparts to his heart a great consolation, fills it with satisfaction and keeps if filled with hopes.

vi) Determination:

This belief provides in man a strong degree of determination and trust in God. When he makes up his mind and devotes his resources to fulfil Divine Commands in order to secure Allah’s pleasure, he trusts that he has the support and baking of Allah. This belief makes him strong and firm like mountain and no amount of difficulties, impediments and hostile opponent can make him give up his resolution.

vii) Peace And Contentment:

This belief in this faith creates an attitude of peace and contentment, purges the mind from envy and greed, and keeps away the idea of resorting to unfair means for achieving success. The believer understands that wealth is in Allah’s hands and He gives it out more or less as He likes, that all power, reputation, authority, everything is subjected to His will, and He bestows them if He wills, and man’s duty is only to struggle and endeavour fairly. He knows that success and failure depends upon Allah’s will, if He wills to give no power in the world can prevent Him from doing so, if he does not will, no power can force Him to give.

viii) Obedience:

The most important effect in this belief is that it makes man obey and observe Allah’s Law. One who has belief in, it is sure that Allah knows everything hidden or open and is nearer to him even his own Jugular vein. If he commits a sin in a secluded corner and in the darkness of night, Allah knows it, He even knows our thoughts and intentions, bad or good we can hide from everyone but we cannot hide anything from God. We can evade everyone, but we cannot evade Allah’s grip. The firmer a man’s belief in this respect, the more observant will he be in Allah’s Commands, and will shun everything Allah has forbidden and carry out Allah’s behest in solitude and in the darkness of night, because he knows that Allah’s police never leaves him alone. It is for this reason that the first and the most important condition for being a Muslim is to have faith in La illah ill Allah.


In the teachings of Mohammad (PBUH) faith in one Allah is the most important and fundamental principle. It is the bedrock of Islam and the mainspring of its power. All other beliefs, commands and laws of Islam stand firm on this very foundation. All of them receive strength from this source. Take it away and there in nothing left in Islam.

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