Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PPSC Computer Science MCQs

VDU stands for    Visual Display Unit      
One kilobyte is approximately    1000 bytes      
DOS stands for    Disk Operating System      
WORD STAR is a popular    Word processing programme      
WORD STAR was developed by    Micro pro Company      
PC stands for    Personal Computer      
ALU stands for    Arithmetic Logic Unit      
The VDU and Keyboard together form a    TERMINAL      
The speed of the dot matrix printers is measured by CPS which stands for    characters per second      
The speed of the line printers is measured by LPM which stands for    Lines per second      
DBMS stands for    Database Management System      
IBM is a famous computer company.IBM stands for    International Business Machines Corporation      
ROM stands for    Read Only Memory      
The actual machine of the computer is commonly known as    Hardware      
The programs run on the computer are commonly known as    Software      
All the output which is printed on paper is called    Hard Copy      
The number of pixels on a computer screen determines a screes's    Resolution      
A processor's speed is measured in    Megahertz      
A software that assists the computer in performing instructions,is called as    system software      
CAM stands for    Computer Aided Manufacturing      
DPI stands for    Dots per Inch      
DTP stands for    Desk Top Publishing      
EPROM stands for    erasable and Programmable Read only Memory      
A magnetic storage disk made out of a thin piece of plastic is called    Floppy Disk      
A pictorial representation of the step by step sequence for solving a problem is known as a    Flow Chart      
A measure of storage capacity equal to one thousand megabytes is one    Gigabyte      
A variable whose value is accessible throughout the program is called    Global Variable      
A huge,worldwide network of computers that communicate with each other,allowing global communications between users is known popularly known as    Internet      
KB stands for    Kilobyte      
LAN stands for    Local Area Network      
A printer which uses light to transfer the image to paper is the    Laser Printer      
Memory which retains all its contents even after the power is turned off is known as    Non-Volatile Memory      
The result that is generated by the computer after processing the information provided to it is known as    Output      
Electronic mail is more popularly known as    E-Mail      
PILOT stands for    Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching      
PILOT was developed by     Doug Engelbardt      
IQL stands for    Interactive Query Language      
LOGO was developed by    Dr.seymour Papert      
CAL stands for    Computer Assisted Learning      
APT stands for    Automatically Programmed Tooling      
`C'language was invented by    Dennis M.Ritchie      
Modula-2 was developed by    Niklaus Wirth      
Terminals that have their own memory are called    Smart terminals      
The memory that needs electric power to sustain its contents is known as    Volatile Memory      
MOS stands for    Metallic Oxide Semiconductors      
Dvorak key board was designed by    August Dvorak      
A simple device which functions as a simpler alternative to the keyboard is the    Mouse      
Automatic drawing input device is called    Scanner      
In the second generation computers,magnetic cores were used as    Main Memory Devices      
LCD stands for    Liquid Crystal Display      
RADAR stands for    Radio Detection and Ranging      
RADAR works on the principle of    Echo      
software-in-Hardware modules are called    Firmware      
A device by which any microcomputer can use ordinary television set for producing output is called    RF modulator     

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