Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Simla Deputation 1906

Simla Deputation:
  • The Hindu opposition of Urdu and partition of Bengal revealed it to the Muslims that they only as organized endeavour would lead them to success.
  • On October 1st, 1906, when a delegation of 35 Muslim leaders met Lord Minto to present the demands of the Muslim community.  
  • The delegation consisted of 35 members representing all parts of the country.
  • It was led by His Excellency Sir Agha Khan
  • Main demands
  • i) The Muhammadans may be granted the right of a separate electorate to choose their representatives.
  • ii) Muslim judges may be appointed more frequently.
  • iii) The Muslims may be given due representation in the imperial legislative council.
  • iv) At least one Muslim may be appointed in Viceroy’s Executive council.
  • v) Muslims may be given due representation in Gazetted and Sub-ordinated Ministerial Services.
  • Lord Minto expressed his complete agreement with the principles of the separate electorates


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