Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Partition Of Bengal 1905

Partition Of Bengal

  • Lord Curzon felt the need of the partition of Bengal and submitted the scheme to the British government in February, 1905.
  • The Secretary of state for India, St. John Brodick approved the plan in June and consequently the province of Bengal was partitioned on 16th October, 1905.
  • According to this scheme, the province was divided into two provinces Eastern Bengal with Decca s its capital and Western Bengal with Calcutta as its capital.
  • The province of Eastern Bengal had an area of 10,640 square miles and a population of 31 million out of which 18 million were Muslims.
  • On the other hand Western Bengal had a population of 54 million out of which 45 million were Hindus.
  • The Eastern Bengal became a Muslim majority province because out of its 31 million population 18 million were Muslims.

    The Muslims gladly welcomed the partition because it gave them majority in the Eastern province.
  • On the other hand, the Hindus showed violent reaction to the partition


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