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Liaquat Ali Khan Oct 1-1896-Oct 16-1951

Liaquat Ali Khan Oct 1, 1896 - Oct 16, 1951

Nawabzada Liaquat Ali Khan,was born on October 1, 1896, in a Madal Pathan (Nausherwan) family. 

He graduated in 1918 from M. A. O. College, Aligarh. 

He married his cousin, Jehangira Begum in 1918. 

In 1921, he obtained a degree in Law from Oxford and was called to Bar at Inner Temple in 1922.

In1923, Liaquat Ali Khan decided to enter politics with the objective to help the Indian Muslims so he joined the Muslim League in 1923.

Liaquat Ali started his parliamentary career from the U. P. Legislative Assembly in 1926 as an independent candidate. Later he formed his own party, The Democratic Party, within the Legislative Assembly and was elected as its leader. He remained the member of the U. P. Legislative Council till 1940 when he was elected to the Central Legislative Assembly.

He was one of the members of the Muslim League delegation that attended the National Convention held at Calcutta to discuss the Nehru Report in December 1928.

Liaquat Ali's second marriage took place in 1933. His wife Begum Ra'ana was a distinguished economist and an educationist.

Liaquat was elected as the Honorary Sectary of the party on April 26, 1936. He held the office till the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. In 1940, he was made the deputy leader of the Muslim League Parliamentary party.

Liaquat Ali Khan won the Central Legislature election in 1945-46 from the Meerut Constituency in U. P. He was given the portfolio of finance.

After independence, Quaid-i-Azam and Muslim League appointed Liaquat to be the head of the Pakistan Government as the first Prime Minister of the country.

He presented the Objectives Resolution in the Legislative Assembly. The house passed this on March 12, 1949. 

Under his leadership a team also drafted the first report of the Basic Principle Committee. 

His efforts in signing the Liaquat-Nehru pact pertaining to the minority issue in 1950 reduced tensions between India and Pakistan. 

In May 1951, he visited the United States and set the course of Pakistan's foreign policy towards closer ties with the West.

On October 16, 1951, Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated.Liaquat Ali Khan was officially given the title of Shaheed-i-Millat.



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