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Ideology of Pakistan




The word ideology is defined as the science of ideas or system of ideas,especially
concerning social and political life.It may be defined as the set of beliefs,especially the
political beliefs on which people,parties or countries base their actions.

DAVID APTER: Ideology helps to make more explicit the moral basis of action.

GABRIEL ALMOND: Ideology plays the adhessive role of linking thought to behaviour.

CHAMBER'S DICTIONARY: The word Ideology means the science of ideas,metaphysics,abstract
speculation,visionary speculation,body of ideas,way of thinking.

An ideology presents a particular code of life which influence the social,political,cultural,
and economic aspects of human life and thus brings a harmony among the people believing in a
particular ideology.
Reo M.Christension writes in his book: IDEOLOGIES AND MODERN POLITICS: An ideology emerges when
people feel strongly that they are being mistreated under an existing order when their status
is threatend by fundamental changes occurring in society and when the prevailing ideology no
longer satisfies them.

The word ideology is composed of two Greek words 'ideo' and 'logos'. It literally means the
science or study of ideas.
Ideology is any thing kept before us in constant view as our ideal.It means people's ideas,
objetives. Ideology is a motivating force for a nation which is striving hard to bring
stability and homogenity to its nationhood.It brings scattered groups in a society closer to
each other on a common platform.Ideologies give shape to the revelotions and give birth to new
cultures and civilizations.


Pakistan is a state which came into being on ideological basis that is why
Pakistan is called an ideological state. Ideology of pakistan was actually the ISLAMIC IDEOLOGY
on the basis of which the Muslims of the sub-continent claimed a separate sovereign state for
themselves. The famous slogan 'PAKISTAN KA MATLAB KIA, LA ILLAHA ILLALLAH.' became the
core of the freedom movement and the basis of pakistan.
The ideology of Pakistan took shape through a process of evolution.It started with the
realization of the Muslims of south Asia that they are quite different from the Hindus and
their future in a 'democratic India' dominated by Hindu majority was not safe. They first
demanded separate electorates in 1906. Historical experience of the Muslims of South Asia
provided the basis; Allam iqbal gave it a philosophical exposition; Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad
Ali jinnah translated it into a political reality; and the constitutional Assembly of Pakistan
gave it legal sanction. In a nut shell the ideology of Pakistan is that;

1. The muslims of south asia are a nation in the modern sense of the word;

2.The basis of their nationhood is neither territorial,nor racial,lingustic or ethnic.

3.They are a nation because they profess the same faith ISLAM.

4.They are entitled to self-determination.

5.the areas where they are in dominant majority should be constituted into sovereign state/

6.Wherein they should be enabled to order their lives in individual and collective spheres in
accordance with the teachings of Islam as set out in the holy Quran and Sunnah, and

7.The state should endeavour to strengthen the bonds of unity among Muslim countries.


The ideology of Pakistan was based on the fact that the muslims were a separate
nation having their own culture,civilization,customs,literature,religion and way of life.
As the Muslims of India found it difficult to live according to the principles of Islam in the
united India, they were forced to demand a separate homeland to safe guard their national and
religious identity.

Pakistan ideology was erected on the two nation theory which meant that Hindus and Muslims were
two separate and distinct nations whose understanding of life was totally different from
each other.Sir syed Ahmad khan the pioneer of the Two-Nation Theory, used the word two-nations
for hindus and Muslims, after being convinced of the Hindu and congress hatred and prejudices
for the muslims.


The ideology of Pakistan stems fom the instinct of the Muslim community of South Asia
to maintain its individuality by resisting all attempts to absorb it by the Hindu society.

Pakistan ideology is based on Islamic code,which covers social,political,economic,cultural and
all other aspects of human life. in Islam every Muslim of the world, no matter wherever he lives
what ever the language he speaks, whatever the complexion he bears and whatever the race he
belongs to, is a member of one MILLAT-E-ISLAMIA or UMMAH.


Pakistan established on the basis of two-nation theory, which held that there were
two nations that is Hindus and Muslims--living in the sub-continent.They were totally different
from each other in every walk of life. Ideology of pakistan was based on Two-Nation theory in
order to give it a practicle shape.


Hinduism and Islam are two different religions and the difference is very vast as
compared to other religions followed in the west. Hinduism believes in caste system, while Islam
believes in the brotherhood and equality of all its followers. That is why the Muslims of
sub-continent could not be absorbed into Hindu society.

Islam is not only a religion but also a social system and a way of life. So the
Muslim culture has its roots deep into the teaching of Islam. This culture could in no way be
named as "Indian" because there were many more Indians who owned so different system of life
from that of Muslims.


The Hindus and the Muslims had little in common in the day to day mode of life.
The houses,the utensils,the dress,the food,the festivals etc of both the people are different
from each other.


The languages of the Muslims and Hindus are different from each other. The Muslims
speaks urdu while Hindu speaks Hindi. Urdu is a modified script of arabic language and include
a large percentage of Arabic,Persian and Turkish words. On the other hand Hindi was written in
sanskrit script with a high percentage of sanskrit word.this difference went much deeper in
poetry. The difference may also be noted in every branch of fine art e.g music,painting etc.


Muslims had ruled over the sub-continent for eight hundred years. During this period
their attitude towards the Hindus was liberal and they protected their culture. Afte the fall
of the Mughal empire, the musilms became the worst victims of both the british and Hindu
hostilities, as the British was partial towards Hindus because of their numerical superiority.

The Muslim apprehended that they would lose their entity if they remained the part of
Hindu society. They also demanded separte electorates on the ground they were a different nation
from Hindus. The apprehension grew when the british decided to leave India. Now Muslims resolved
to get an independent state even at the cost of their lives as it was the only way to protect
their entity.


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