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The Largest in Pakistan

Air Lines : PIA
Air Port : Quaid-e-azam International Airport , Khi
Bank : State bank Of pakistan.The largest commercial bank is Habib bank Ltd with Rs. 194.6 billion desposit
Barrage : Sukkur Barrage
City : Karachi, Estimated population 9.9 millions
Canal : Lloyd Barrage Canal
Dam : Tarbela Dam (vol 148 million cubic metres)
Desert : Thar (sindh)
Division : Kalat division (baluchistan),Area 1,38,633 sq km
District : Khuzdar (baluchistan)
Fort : Rani Kot (sindh)
Gas Field : Sui Gas Field, Baluchistan
Hospital: Nishtar Hospital , Multan
Hydro-Electric Power Station : Tarbela (3478 MW)
Industrial Unit : Pakistan Steel Mills , Karachi
Industry : Textile Industry
Island : Manora (karachi)
Jungle : Chhanga Manga (kasur)
Lake (Artificial) : Keenjhar Lake (sindh)
Lake (natural): Manchhar Lake, Dadu (sindh)
Library : The punjab public Library,Lahore (punjab)
Mine : Salt Mines , Khewra (punjab)
Mosque : Shah Faisal Mosque , Isl
Motorway : Lahore-Islamabad,motorway
Museum : National Museum, karachi
Newspaper : Jang (urdu) ; The news (eng)
Nuclear Reactor : Karachi Nuclear Power plant (KANUPP)
Oil Field : Dhurnal Oil Field
Park : Ayub National Park , Rawalpindi
Radio station : Islamabad
Railway station : Lahore
River : Indus river
University : Punjab University , lahore

The Longest in Pakistan

coast : Balochistan (771 kms long)
Frontier : Pak-Afghan border (2252 kms)
Railway Platform : Rohri (sindh),Length 1894 feet
Railway track : Karachi to Landi kotal
Road : Karachi to peshawar
Tunnel (railway) : Khojak baluchistan (2.43 miles)
Tunnel (road) : Lowari (5 miles)
Tunnel (water) : Warsak Dam Tunnel (3.5 miles)

The Tallest in pakistan

Tower : Minar-e-pakistan (height 196 feet 8 inches)
Minart : Four Minarets of Shah faisal Mosque with height of 286 feet each
Mountain pass : Muztagh Pass (Height 19030 feet)
Mountain peak : K-2 (karakoram) height 28269 feet

Mountain Passes Of Pakistan

1. Muztagh Pass
2. Karakoram Pass
3. Khan kun Pass
4. Zagar Pass
5. Kilik Pass
6. Khunjrab Pass
7. Mintaka Pass
8. Dorath Pass
9. Babusar Pass
10. Shandur Pass
11. Lowari Pass
12. Buroghil Pass
13. Khyber Pass
14. Shimshal Pass
15. Ganshero Pass
16. Tochi Pass
17. Gomal Pass
18. Durgai Pass
19. Malakand Pass

Foreign Banks Operating In pakistan

1. ABN Amro Bank N.V.
2. Albaraka Islamic Bank BSC (EC)
3. American Express Bank Ltd
4. Standard Chartared Grindlays Bank Ltd
5. Bank of Tokyo Mitsubisho Ltd
6. Bank of Ceylon
7. Citibank N.A
8. Deutsche Bank A.G
9. Emirates Bank International Ltd
10. Habib bank A.G Zurich
11. Mashreq Bank P.S.C
12. Oman Internation Bank S.O.A.G
13 Rupali Bank Ltd
14. Standard Chartered Bank

Saindak Metal (Pvt) Ltd.

The Saindak Metal is the first important metal mining project in pakistan.It is designed to produce 15810 tonnes of blister copper annually which contained gold (1.47 tonnes) and silver (2.76 tonnes)

Metallic Minerals In Pakistan

Alum : Kalat , Khairpur , Peshawar , Quetta
Antimony : Karangli , Qila Abdullah , Shekran
Arsenic : Gilgit , Londku
Bauxite : Dhamman , Jhal , Muzaffarabad , Niazpur
Chromite : Lasbela , Malakand , Muslim bagh , Raskoh
Copper: Koh Marani , Kalat , Maranj , Pishin , Saindak
Gold : Chitral , Gilgit , Karak , Mardan , Lasbella
Iron Ore : Chitral , Chilgazi , Kalabagh, Rashkoh
Lead : Chiral , Khuzdar , Lasbella , Mardan
Magnesite : Kalat , Khumhar , Abbottabad , Zhob
Manganese : Haji Mohd Khan , Abbottabad , Zhob
Silver : Saindak (baluchistan)

Non-Metallic Minerals In pakistan

Asbestos : Char Bagh , Chitral , D.I Khan , Zhob
Calcite : Lasbella , Zhob
China Clay : Hazara , Multan , Peshawar , Rawalpindi
Coal : Dandot , Degari , Makarwal
Dolomite : D.I Khan , Jhimpir , Rawal pindi
Flourite : Chitral , Dir , Hazara
Glass sand : Bande sadiq , Mianwali , Salt Range
Graphite : Chitral , Hazara , Khyber
Gypsum : Dadu , D.I khan , Hyderabad , Kohat , Sibi , Quetta
Limestone : Daudkhel , D.I Khan , Hyderabad , Kalat , Rohri
Marble : Attock , Chagi , Gilgit , Hazara , Mardan, Swat
Natural Gas : Dhurnal , Kandhkot, Mayal , Mari , Sui ,Tut , Uch
Precious Stones : Chitral , Hunza , Malakand , Swat
Salt : Bahadur Khel , Khewra , Kalabagh
Silica : Dandot , Hazara , Jangshahi , Makarwal
Sulphur : Chitral , Hyderabad , Kalat , Koh sultan


National Anthem of pakistan was written by renowned poet " Hafeez Jullundari " in 1954.The anthem consist of 50 words arranged in 15 lines.Renowned musician "Abdul Karim Chhagle" composed the Anthem.A total number of 11 male and female singers took part in its musical composition.Pakistan national anthem was first played on 13th august,1954 before "Shah of Iran Raza Shah Pehlavi".

National Saving Organization (NSO)

The NSO works under the Directorate of National Saving. The directorate has 12 regions and 365 branches in pakistan. It offers many saving schemes which include saving account,Defence Saving Certificates, Khas Deposit Certificates , Postal Life Insurance , Mahana Amdani Accounts and Prize Bonds

National Holidays

1. Pakistan republic day (23rd march)
2. Labour day (1st may)
3. Bank Holiday (1st july)
4. Independence day (14th aug)
5. Defence day (6th sep)
6. Death Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam (11th sep)
7. Birth Anniversay of Allama Iqbal (9th nov)
8. Birth Anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam (25th dec)

In addition, The govt of pakistan notifies holidays on Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid -ul-Uzha,Ashura Muharram and Eid Milad-un-Nabi according to islamic Calendar

Press Organization of pakistan

1. APNS : All-Pakistan News Agency
2. PFUJ : Pakistan Federal Union of Jounalists
3. APNEC : All-Pakistan News Employees Confederation
4. NECP : Newspapers Editors Council of Pakistan


1. APP : Associated Press of Pakistan
2. INP : Independent News of Pakistan
3. IPS : Islamabad Press Service
4. PPI : Pakistan Press International

More Information of pakistan

* Syed Ahmed khan wrote " Khutbat-i-Ahmadiya " on 1869 in reply to william muir`s " Life of Mohammad"

* Sir syed retired from service in 1976

* The total area of pakistan is 796096 square kilometres (307374 sq mi )

* There are 27 divisions and 108 districts in pakistan

* The total number of primary schools are 169,087,middle schools are 19180 and high schools are 13108.

* The number of registered doctors are 92248, Nurses are 40114 and Dentists are 4622.

* The first postage stamp of pakistan issued on 9th july, 1948

* The first census of pakistan was conducted on 9th feb,1951

* Gen. Ayub khan took over as the president on 17th feb ,1960 and Gen. A M Yahya khan took over on 31st mar.1969.

* PPP was founded by ZA bhutto on 30th nov,1967.

* The 1973 Constitution of pakistan promulgated on 12th april, 1973.

* Dr. Abdul Salam was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in Physics on 15th oct,1979.

Foriegn policy of pakistan

1.Foriegn policy
2.Principles of Pakistan foriegn policy
3.SIX important phases of pakistan policy
4.Relation of pakistan and Super power (USA)
5.Relation of pakistan and Russia
6.Relation with Islamic world (Relation with Afghanistan,Iran,Turkey,Saudiarab,Bangladesh)
7.Importance of kashmir problem in indo-pak relation
8.Importance of foriegn policy
9.Pakistan and OIC,SAARC,NAM and ECO

Detail   Foreign-Relations-of-Pakistan

Objectives Resolution

The Contituent Assembly approved the objective resolution on 12th mar,1949.It embodied the basic principles for the future contituent of pakistan.The objective resolution stated that the sovereignty belonged to Allah and declared that the Muslims of pakistan would lead their lives according to the principles of Islam and The minorities would b free to practise their religions.
Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is a wide stretch of marshy land situated towards the south-east of pakistan. In 1965 this area became a scene of border clash betweem india and pak.
Indus water Treaty

Indus water treaty was signed by india and pakistan in 1960to resolve the outstanding canal water dispute between the two countries
First Constituent Assembly

First constituent assembly held its first meeting on 10th august,1947.Originally it comprised of 69 members of Central legislature belonging to punjab,sindh,NWFP and Baluchistan.Later on,the numer of members was raised to 79.This first constituent assemble was dissolved by ghulam mohammad in oct,1954.more Early-Governments-and-Constitution
Anjuman Himayat-e-Islam, Lahore

Anjuman himayat-e-Islam ,lahore was established in 1884. Khalifa hameeduddin and Maulvi Ghulam Ullah were elected as its first president and
secretary respectively.Later on, the Anjuman opened many educational and welfare institutionsion Lahore. Out of these Islamia college Railway road became very famous. The students of Islamia college arranged the annual meeting of muslim league at Lahore on 23rd march 1940 which passed lahore resolution.In 1875, Muhammad Anglo-Oriental High school was founded by Sir syed ahmed khan. Two years later, in 1877 it was given the status of a college. It functioned from 1877 to 1919 and educated thousands of muslim students who formed the vanguard of pakistan movement.This college was given the status of a muslim university in 1920,after the death of Sir syed ahmed khan.

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